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2010 July 26

Twisty, Twirly, Expanding AR11087 (click image to see corresponding movie)

The above movie shows AR11087 as it was observed coming around the East limb on July 09, 2010. This active region produced several C-class flares during its peak of activity from July 8-11th. It was also associated with CMEs observed by SOHO/LASCO on both July 8th and 9th. This movie shows one of the C-flares, pre and post-flare loop brightenings, as well as some hints of the ejected material that may have been observed by LASCO. This movie was made using Ti/poly composite images at ~3min cadence.

Keywords: Loop Expansion, Flare, CME
Filters: Ti_poly

(Submitted by S. Farid)

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