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2011 January 04

Click either image for movie. Also available on YouTube

Annular Eclipse of Jan 4 2011

The images above are of the solar eclipse of Jan 4, 2011. This eclipse was viewed as a partial eclipse on the ground in Europe, North Africa and Central Asia. From the orbit of Hinode, the eclipse appeared as an annular eclipse. Annular eclipses happen when the moon's elliptical orbit takes it far away from the earth, so the moon's apparent size is too small to totally eclipse the Sun. The image on the left is the XRT image at the time of the eclipse. The image on the right is a composite image combining the eclipse image with images of the extended corona that were taken about an hour after the eclipse.

Keywords: Eclipse, Full Disk
Filters: Ti_poly

Movie of the eclipse from the ISAS/JAXA press release (in Japanese).

(Submitted by Kathy Reeves and Ryouhei Kano)

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