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2013 March 07

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Coronal Cavity with Bright Core

This figure shows EUV (top, by SDO/AIA) and X-ray (bottom, Hinode/XRT) images of a coronal cavity taken on 2013 February 9. Coronal cavities are voids in coronal emission often observed surrounding quiescent prominences at high latitude. The cavity is clearly seen in AIA images (top). A bright core located in the cavity's center is observed in the hotter X-ray images by XRT (bottom). XRT was tracking this cavity with 6-filters from 10:30 to 13:00 UT on 2013 February 9.

Keywords: Cavity, Limb, Temperature Structure, AIA
Filters: Al_poly, Be_thin, AIA/193, AIA/171

(Prepared by Yingna Su)

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