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2013 May 30

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M5.0 Flare of 22nd, 2013

XRT observed an M5.0 flare on May 22nd, 2013 near the west limb. This flare started from the energetic eruption of a filament, elongated in a north-south direction, to the east of a small sunspot (Active Region 11745). After the blowing out of the tall loops, which are initially seen across the filament around 13:00 UT, the bright flare kernel was formed where the erupted filament had been located (13:15 UT), and finally developed into a long arcade with spiky structures on the top (14:00 UT). Dark structures moving downward between the spikes, referred to as supra-arcade downflows, were observed at around 16:00 UT.

Keywords: Flare, Limb, Downflows, Filament
Filters: Ti_poly

(Prepared by Aki Takeda)

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