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2013 June 18

Click for movie spanning three days

Sigmoid Dynamics from April 20-22, 2013

Here we have three episodes in the life of the sigmoidal active region affectionately dubbed 11723. Another sigmoid, or S-shaped region, was in our spotlight four entries back. Head on over there or to one of our other past sigmoid features to learn more about what these regions are and why they're of particular interest. The first animation on the left shows a small eruption associated with a long-duration B8.1 flare that spanned 01:03 to 02:08 UT on 2013/04/20, according to NOAA's daily flare reports. The second animation in the upper-right seems to show brightenings in the two core bundles of J-shaped loops that join to form the sigmoid's characteristic S-shape. Lastly, the animation in the lower-right shows a significantly larger eruption than the first. This registered as a C2.7 flare and was likely the origin of a partial-halo CME observed by LASCO and automagically recorded in the CACTus catalog. Click on any one of the animations for a movie spanning the three days that XRT observed this region.

Keywords: Sigmoid, AR Tracking, Flare, CME
Filters: Be_thin

(Prepared by Patrick McCauley)

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