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2013 November 20

Click for QuickTime movie. Also available on YouTube.

Heart-shaped productive Active Region 11875

The movie above shows X-ray observations (by Hinode/XRT) of AR 11875 during a C1.4 flare on 2013/10/20. This region produced over than 60 flares above C-class during its passage of the solar disk. Among these flares, there are more than 10 M-class flares and 1 X-class flare. This flare begins in the upper part of the heart and then moves to the lower part, suggesting that the complex magnetic topology must play an important role in the flaring process. AR 11875 was also on the disk at the same time as AR 11882, which also produce many flares and was covered in two previous posts. These two regions combined for one of the most flare-productive stretches of the current solar cycle.

Keywords: Flare, Loop Expansion
Filters: Be_thin

(Prepared by Yingna Su)

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