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2014 February 10

Click either animation for longer movie.

Mysterious Flare-Ribbon-Like Structure

What is the fan structure at the center of the XRT movie on the left? It looks a bit like "flare ribbons," which are the footpoints of flaring loops. The strange thing is that typically it's the tops of coronal loops that reach the multi-million degree temperatures needed to be visible to XRT. Flare ribbons are signatures seen in lower-energy light, and the flare doesn't actually happen until after the sequence above. So these aren't flare ribbons, but they do seem to form the base of the loop system that subsequently produces an M4 flare. Click the movies above for longer ones that include the flare, and note the interesting downward flows visible in the AIA/193 movie that might help explain the XRT emission.

Keywords: Flare, AIA, Flare Ribbons
Filters: Be_thin, AIA/193

(Prepared by Patrick McCauley)

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