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2014 February 14

Click for higher-resolution movie. Also availale on YouTube.
Full-res movies: Al_Mesh (left) & Be_thin (right)

112 Hours of Full-Sun X-Ray Images

In mid January of 2014, from 1/18 10:15 through 1/23 3:00 UT, XRT performed 112 hours of continuous full-sun observations. Images were taken roughly every 90 minutes, which is a remarkably high cadence compared to our usual full-disk observations made twice per day. Observations were made with a few different X-ray analysis filters, each representing different temperature components of the coronal plasma. In the movie above, the green images (taken with the 'Al-mesh' filter) show cooler plasma around 1 million Kelvin (MK), while the red images (with the 'thin-Be' filter) represent hotter material above 5 MK.

In addition to the bright compact loops in the active regions, which are dark patches in the inverted-color movies above, there are many longer loops connecting the active regions. These loops represent the magnetic field connectivity between the independent regions, which resulted from magnetic reconnection after the active regions emerged. We can study evolution of interconnecting loops from continuous observations with wide fields-of-view like this one.

Keywords: Full Disk, Temperature Structure, AR Tracking
Filters: Al_mesh, Be_thin

(Prepared by Keiji Yoshimura and Aki Takeda)

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