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2014 May 12

Upper-left: XRT/Be_med, Lower-left: XRT/Al_thick, Right: AIA/193. Click for full size.

X1.3 Flare with Interesting Structure on April 25th, 2014

XRT's flare patrol captured an X1.3 flare from Active Region 12046 on April 25th at 00:17 UT. The movie shows the eruption taking place in the SDO/AIA 131 Angstrom wavelength channel. Plasma in the Sun's atmosphere increases in brightness as the underlying magnetic loops rise. This increase in brightness is due to plasma bunching up around the expanding loops. The surrounding environment has a temperature of about 1 million Kelvin, which allows XRT to see the same structure with its thick aluminum and medium beryllium filters. The interesting dynamics of this flare might lend support to the 'break-out model' of solar flare eruptions.

Keywords: Flare, Limb, AIA
Filters: Be_med, Al_thick, AIA/131

(Prepared by Michael Freed)

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