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2014 May 20

Click the following for movies: 2014/04/15 & 2014/04/16. Also available on YouTube.

Emerging Active Regions

This is a glimpse at the early stages of an active region (well, 2 actually). Both of these active regions (12036 on bottom, 12037 on top) emerged quickly on the Sun on April 14, the day before you see them in the left panels. The image shows how much they developed and grew in a single day, and you can watch the development unfold in the movies linked above. Combined, these two regions produced over 2 dozen flares in the C range, and AR12036 was responsible for an M7.3 flare on April 18.

Keywords: Emerging Flux, AR Tracking
Filters: Al_poly, Be_thin

(Prepared by Nicole Schanche)

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