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2014 June 19

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Images are rotated so that the western limb is pointing up.
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Dark Spike Amid Flaring Loops

On the afternoon of 13 June 2014, XRT observed three small active regions AR12080, AR12085, and AR12088 that were pretty close together. As these regions neared the western limb of the sun a peculiar event occurred. During a small flare, a dark loop with a vertical spike formed between two of the active regions (AR12080 and AR12085). This spike appeared to get pinched off as the tops of the loops became brighter. It almost looked as though the spike was hit by a giant wave moving from left to right. This region produced many M and C flares over the weekend and XRT caught most of them. This small flare did not trigger XRT's flare mode but it is still a great example of how dynamic this region was.

Keywords: Cusp, Flare
Filters: Ti_poly

(Prepared by Patricia Jibben)

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