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2015 March 17

Click for movie. Also avaiable on YouTube.

Flare Cusp in 8 Filters

AR12297 has been an extremely active region producing several large flares over the last few weeks. On 8 March 2015, XRT ran the 8 filter synoptic program and caught the active region mid-flare. The shape of the flare is similar to a candle flame and fits the standard flare model. This same region was featured in last weeks XPOW and given its wild and spirited eruptions it will be featured a lot this month.

Keywords: Cusp, Flare, Full Disk
Filters: G_band, Al_mesh, Ti_poly, Al_poly, Al_poly+Ti_poly, Thin_Be, Med_Al, Thick_Be

(Prepared by Patricia Jibben)

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