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2016 January 26

Click for movie. Also available on YouTube.

An Active Region Prominence

The active region AR10930, was one of the most beautiful active regions to cross the Sun. It was visible on the disk for about 2 weeks in mid-December 2006 and has inspired over 100 scientific papers and presentations, mostly about the numerous large flares and CMEs it produced. It had the advantage of being the only large active region on the Sun and Hinode had just been launched.

Above is a short clip of a quiet time for the region as it was setting on the west limb. The movie combines Hinode SOT (Ca II) chromospheric data scaled in black and white with Hinode XRT (Al_poly) coronal data scaled in orange.

A cool prominence is visible just off the limb and surprisingly, it is completely shrouded in extremely hot x-rays. A few hours after these observations, the region produced this flare.

Original XRT movie

Keywords: Cusp, Flare
Filters: Al_poly

(Prepared by Patricia Jibben)

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