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2016 March 08

Click for movie. Also available on YouTube.

One Active Region, Three Ways

Do you remember this active region? Active region 12501 was a co-star in last week's XPOW. But this region was so interesting that it deserves its own time in the spotlight. The picture of AR 12501 above shows the same region in 3 different views.

The first shows what Hinode XRT observed in hot X-rays. The middle shows the H-α emission as seen from the Kanzelhoehe Solar Observatory located in Austria. The dark arc is a cooler filament which is being held down by the bright magnetic loops seen in XRT.

The picture on the farthest right shows a model of what the magnetic field looks like in the region using what is called a potential field source surface (PFSS) model. In this image, the white lines represent magnetic field lines, while the background image is a composite image from three wavelengths of the Solar Dynamics Observatory Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) telescope. You can see that the lines form tight loops at the location of the active region, and extend outward beyond the field of view of this image, eventually connecting back to the solar surface in much larger loops.

Click on the image to see a movie of this region.

Keywords: AR Tracking, Filament
Filters: Be_thin

(Prepared by Nicole Schanche)

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