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2017 September 05

Hinode XRT Observes the Sun!
Click for movie. Also available on YouTube.

Two More Episodes of the Great American Eclipse

The observers on the ground can experience the solar eclipse only once on a particular day, but the Hinode satellite, usually observes a few episodes on the same day. Observed from Hinode, which is orbiting around the earth about 15 times per day, the motion of the Moon relative to the Sun takes the form of a spiral like this image provided by JAXA/NAOJ, and so the Moon crosses in front of the Sun more than once.

Here are two more episodes observed by Hinode/XRT associated with the Great American Solar Eclipse on 21 August, 2017, in addition to this episode. In the episode started at 19:35UT, the Moon is across the Sun from the direction of NW to SE. On the other hand, the episode started at 21:10UT, presents the 'solar coronal eclipse', in which you can see the shadow of the Moon just brushes Sun's NE limb.

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(Prepared by Aki Takeda)

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