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Hinode XRT Butterfly Diagram for Cycle 24 Average Carrington map for Cycle 24

XRT Carrington Map Fits Header Keywords

The Carrington Maps are created from Level 1 XRT Al-Mesh synoptic images. The maps were created using the World Coordinate System (WCS; Thompson, 2006) code in SolarSoft. The header of the fits file should be consistent with the WCS fits header style. See for example at, Fits WCS and the standard fits header keywords defined at NASA.

The history of the map contains information about how many composite synoptic images were used to create the map and it contains the image header of the first image used in the map so users can get an idea of when the data was processed. I decided to include this information since it was valuable for me to determine why some XRT data would align well and others wouldn’t.

Please see the following table for the current definitions of the keywords in the fits header. Right now we only have Al-Mesh synoptics because it is the most comprehensive dataset but other filters will be included depending on data coverage.

Al-mesh version numbers

v2019-01-25 Initial release

v2019-06-28 This version has additional light leak correction. The maps that required additional light leak correction are those numbered 2191 and above or after April 2017.

Be-thin version numbers

v2019-01-25 Initial release

XRT Carrington Synoptic Maps Fits Header

Keyword Value Definition
SIMPLE 0 Conforms to FITS standard
BITPIX 8, 16, 32,-32, -64 Number of bits per pixel
NAXIS 2 Number of axes in the image
NAXIS1 720 Full image size in x
NAXIS2 360 Full image size in y
ORIGIN 'Center for Astrophysics - Hinode/XRT' Where the file was created
INSTRUME XRT Name of the instrument
DATE 'YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sss' Date and time of the file creation ('T' is character 'T')
EC_FW1 0-5 Filter wheel 1 position
EC_FW1_ 'Open'; 'Al_poly'; 'C_poly'; 'Be_thin'; 'Be_med'; 'Al_med' Filter wheel 1 position as name
EC_FW2 0-5 Filter wheel 2 position
EC_FW2_ 'Open'; 'Al_mesh'; 'Ti_poly'; 'Gband'; 'Al_thick'; 'Be_thick' Filter wheel 2 position as name
CAR_ROT Carrington rotation number of map as string
CARROT 2049-9999 Carrington rotation number of map
WCSNAME 'Carrington Cylin-plate-carree' Type of Cylindrical Projection
CTYPE1 'CRLN-CAR' Type of units (label) of horizontal axis
CTYPE2 'CRLT-CAR' Type of units (label) of vertical axis
CRVAL1 Location of center of map in degrees Longitude.
CRVAL2 Location of center of map in degrees Latitude.
CDELT1 0.5 Horizontal pixel size in degrees
CDELT2 0.5 Vertical pixel size in degrees
BUNIT 'DN/sec' Pixel value units
Date_OBS 'YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sss' Date and time of start of Carrington Rotation
Date_START 'YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sss' Date and time of first image used to create map
Date_END 'YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sss' Date and time of last image used to create map
VER_NO Verson number of FITS file