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2021 May 30

AR12824 during Flare Sequence
Flare Sequence

Location of AR12824 during the major flare sequence (above) with energy plot (below). Click the Sun image for movie or go here for youtube version!

Major Flare Sequence from AR12824

As we showed in the last XPOW, the Sun is really starting to wake up. The M-Class flare observed on May 7th was just the 4th M-class flare observed so far during Solar Cycle 25 dating back to December of 2019, but was foreshadowing a jump in activity from the Sun. And as Active Region 12824 moved from the limb toward disk center, it decided to put on a show!

From the early on May 22nd until just after mid-day on the 23rd, AR12824 went hyper-active with flare production. The plot under the image of the Sun shows the timeline of activity durng this period. In just over 36 hours, the region was responsible for at least 10 flares reaching the C-class level with 3 of those flares being strong enough to be M-class. This region alone almost doubled the total amount of M-class flares observed so far during this solar cycle.

The above movie shows the activity from the region as observed by XRT in three different filters (Thin-Be, Med-Be, and Al_poly). As the Sun continues to get more and more active, we can expect to see more strong flares and more regions showing this level of consistent activity.

Keywords: Flare, AR Tracking
Filters: Al_Poly, Med-Be, Thin-Be

(Prepared by Lucas Guliano)

The XRT instrument team is comprised of SAO, NASA, JAXA, and NAOJ.

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