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2021 June 14

XRT view of the June 2021 Solar Eclipse

Annular Solar Eclipse that occured on June 10th, 2021 as seen by XRT. Click the Sun image for movie or go here for youtube version!

June 2021 Solar Eclipse

On June 10th, 2021 an annular solar eclipse was visible with the some of the best viewing opportunities occurring on the eastern parts of the US and Canada. Since the Moon was in a position where it didn’t appear as large as the Sun in the sky, the Sun wasn’t fully blocked even during the peak of the eclipse. Unfortunately for many of us here in Cambridge MA, clouds prevented the best viewing opportunities. But great photos emerged from all over of this rare event!

Luckily, XRT operates above the clouds and had no issue getting a full view of the eclipse. Click the above image for a movie showing what XRT saw during this solar eclipse.

Keywords: Eclipse, Full Disk
Filters: Al_Poly

(Prepared by Lucas Guliano, Keiji Yoshimura, and Aki Takeda)

The XRT instrument team is comprised of SAO, NASA, JAXA, and NAOJ.

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