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2022 February 07

Spectacular XRT Observations

Spectacular Shots of the Sun Observed by XRT Over the Past 15 Years.

15 Years of Spectacular Observations

During the month of January, 2022, XRT did not take any image of the Sun because of a long vacation (actually due to the failure of satellite attitude control system and a series of operations for recovery). It may be a good opportunity to look back the observations in the past and formulate the idea of future observations.

The above is a collection of several remarkable images observed by XRT since 2006 to date, and the captions are given below. We are eagerly looking forward to the resumption of Hinode observations scheduled in a few weeks.

* Top left : the 1st targeted AR by XRT (AR 10921) 06-NOV-2006 12:50:42 Apol/Open 1.03"/pix

* Top middle : amazing kinks of a loop arcade (AR 12232) 12-DEC-2014 05:58:48 Betn/Open 2.06"/pix

* Top right : a giant flare cusp (AR 12242) 20-DEC-2014 06:06:49 Betn/Open 2.06"/pix

* Bottom left : a huge coronal hole extension 26-OCT-2016 18:19:32 Apol/Open 2.06"/pix

* Bottom middle : a gorgeous sigmoid (AR 12473) 27-DEC-2015 06:34:12 Betn/Open 2.06"/pix

* Bottom right : the strongest flare (X9.3 from AR 12673). 06-SEP-2017 18:13:45 Betn/Open 1.03"/pix

Keywords: Full Disk, AR Tracking
Filters: Al_Poly, Be_thin

(Prepared by Aki Takeda)

The XRT instrument team is comprised of SAO, NASA, JAXA, and NAOJ.

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