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2022 April 20

Continued activity

High levels of solar activity continue through April 2022. Click to watch more flares seen by XRT.
Or click here for the youtube version.

Solar Activity Continues

As noted last week, the Sun has really started to come alive in Solar Cycle 25. Starting in the middle of March 2022, a dramatic increase in the number of sunspots, active regions, and flares was observed on the Sun. April 2022 is poised to snatch the short-held title of 'Most Active Month in Solar Cycle 25' from March 2022. With multiple high-level M class and a few X class flares, April has shown what the Sun is capable of when it decides to be more active. As a solar scientist, let's hope that this trend keeps as we go deeper into cycle 25 and we continue to see some spectacular events from our star.

Keywords: Solar Cycle, Flare
Filters: Be_Thin, Be_Med

(Prepared by Lucas Guliano)

The XRT instrument team is comprised of SAO, NASA, JAXA, and NAOJ.

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