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2022 May 24

Solar activity increases

Celebrating 15 years of Hinode observations!
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15 Years of Spectacular Observations - II

Another spectacular image was created in celebration of 15 years of Hinode observations. This image was prepared with the Hinode Science Center at National Astronomical Observatory of Japan using XRT full-Sun images archived at XRT Synoptic Composite Image Archive.

Since the beginning of the mission in late 2006, Hinode has been observing the Sun across the whole activity cycle. During these observations, Hinode has recorded the drastic change of Sun's magnetic activity, as represented by the variation of Sun Spot Numbers.

More information can be found at the
NAOJ topics page.

Keywords: Solar Cycle, Full Disk
Filters: Ti_poly, Al_Poly

(Prepared by Aki Takeda and Yukio Katsukawa)

The XRT instrument team is comprised of SAO, NASA, JAXA, and NAOJ.

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