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2022 July 15

Sun's Expression

A face appears on the Sun! Click to watch a movie of the region during this time or
or click here for the youtube version.

Expressive Face of the Sun

A funny, clownish face was passing across on the Sun in the middle of June, 2022. The eyes of the Sun were represented by the ARs 13033 and 13038, while its nose and mouth were formed by the ARs 13034 and 13035, as indicated in the right image in the above. The Sun in this period looks somewhat weary. Perhaps, it is because the Sun had gone through exuberantly active months in April and May.

The movie images are mostly from our synoptic program to observe the full-Sun twice daily, but several off-centered shots were purposely inserted to add spice to the weary looking Sun as it appears to dance around. They are NOT the images during satellite pointing failure but were obtained for science as the regular HOPs (Hinode Operation Plans) No.336 and 130.

Enjoy the Sun's fun expression in June!

Keywords: AR Tracking, Full Disk
Filters: Al_Poly, Al_Mesh

(Prepared by Aki Takeda)

The XRT instrument team is comprised of SAO, NASA, JAXA, and NAOJ.

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