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2022 July 13

Death of the long living AR group

The long living region has finally decayed! Click to watch a movie of the region in both Al_poly and Thin_Be
or click here for the youtube version.

Goodbye Active AR Group

The week of June 11th featured the return of an active region on the sun's northern hemisphere. From June 11th to 23rd, AR13030, AR13032, and AR13033 produced 2 B-class flares, 28 C-class flares, and 2 M-class flares. Both AR13030 and AR13032 remained throughout the rotation while after two C-class flares, AR13033 disappeared just past center disk (around 30deg longitude). Both of the active regions slipped behind the west limb over the weekend of Jun 25th marking a time of quiet on the sun's Earth facing disk.

The accompanying video show the active region from the June 18th through the 21st in two different filters. The Al-poly filter (first part) is more saturated and the Be-thin (second part) shows the fine structure of the flare loops. As the spots drift closer to the limb, AR13039 can be seen in the last few frames. AR13039 had just formed before traversing over the limb and did not produce any flares before disappearing. AR13030 disappeared with a final pop best seen in the Al-poly video.

Goodbye, active regions, and hope to see you again next rotation.

Keywords: AR Tracking, Solar Cycle
Filters: Al_Poly, Be_Thin

(Prepared by Rhiannon Fleming and Aki Takeda)

The XRT instrument team is comprised of SAO, NASA, JAXA, and NAOJ.

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