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eis_co: Agenda for Hinode Flare Workshop (Dec 13th X class), March. 3rd at NAOJ in Japan

Dear Hinode friends,

We would like to have Hinode Flare Workshop on March 3rd 
at Large Seminar Room, Subaru Building, Mitaka, NAOJ.
The workshop begin at 10:30am. 
This worlshop is an informal workshop.

Date/Time:   Saturday, 3 March  /  10:30-

    Place:   Large Seminar Room, Subaru Building, Mitaka, NAOJ

  Laguage:   English (If there are only Japanese, we will use Japanese.)

A rough agenda is included below (15-20 min each talk):

10:30am : Ayumi Asai -- Introductory Of Dec 13th Flare 
                     -- Strong Blueshift

Hirohisa Hara -- Bi-directional Flow

Shinsuke Imada -- Temperature Dependent Blueshift

Taro Sakao -- XRT Obsrevation

Masahito Kubo -- Sun spot magnetic field evolution

Takaaki Yokoyama -- Comparison Study between FG and SP data

Kiyoto Shibasaki -- Nobeyama Radioheliograph Observation

Takashi Minoshima -- Energetic Particle 
Discussions of Dec 13th Flare 

If you want to something about this Falre, please contact me.
Please forward this to interested parties.

Best Regards,

Dr. Shinsuke Imada
Solar-B Project Office
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
e-mail: shinsuke.imada@nao.ac.jp
Tel: +81-422-34-3723