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Re: Correction: 1.24 *or later*

Hello all,
Thank you Loraine for reminding people of this issue. I would like to make an additional point. For a data set multiple images are the norm, as such please use only one version of the reformattor for each data set. Even if there are multiple acceptable versions of the reformattor in your data you should not assume that the data set will be correct for multiple VER_REF entries.
We anticipate this being corrected soon.

On Apr 12, 2007, at 12:46 PM, Loraine Lundquist wrote:

Dear All, 

I mispoke in my earlier message.  There are actually files formatted with versions later than 1.24 that are also acceptable.  However, files formatted with versions earlier than 1.24 are not acceptable.  

So, I should have said:  Please use only files formatted **** with version number equal to or greater than 1.24. **** 

Apologies for any confusion. 


On Apr 12, 2007, at 12:36 PM, Loraine Lundquist wrote:

Dear All, 

For everyone who might be using level 0 xrt data, this is a friendly reminder that there are "bad" files currently lurking in the level0 data.  These are files that were processed with previous versions of the reformatter and have incorrect time stamps.  This means that there are duplicate images lurking with time stamps that may be anywhere from a few seconds to three minutes apart. 

We plan to get rid of the incorrect files ASAP, but in the meantime,  
********PLEASE search for keyword VER_F0 = "1.24test" (or 1.24*) WHEN DOING SCIENCE **********  
and throw out all other images whenever using level0 data, until we have fixed this problem. 

thank you, 
Loraine Lundquist, Ph.D.
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