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2nd correction: Keyword is VER_RF0

Once again, apologies for any confusion, but the keyword you should  
search on for the version number is "VER_RF0".  Thanks to Bish for  
the correction.


On Apr 12, 2007, at 1:33 PM, Bish ishibashi wrote:

> Loraine, you mean the FITS keyword name is "VER_RFO",
> not "VER_FO", correct?
> Bish
> Loraine Lundquist wrote:
>> Dear All, I mispoke in my earlier message.  There are actually  
>> files formatted with versions later than 1.24 that are also  
>> acceptable.  However, files formatted with versions earlier than  
>> 1.24 are not acceptable.  So, I should have said:  Please use only  
>> files formatted **** with version number equal to or greater than  
>> 1.24. **** Apologies for any confusion. Loraine On Apr 12, 2007,  
>> at 12:36 PM, Loraine Lundquist wrote:
>>> Dear All,
>>> For everyone who might be using level 0 xrt data, this is a  
>>> friendly reminder that there are "bad" files currently lurking in  
>>> the level0 data.  These are files that were processed with  
>>> previous versions of the reformatter and have incorrect time  
>>> stamps.  This means that there are duplicate images lurking with  
>>> time stamps that may be anywhere from a few seconds to three  
>>> minutes apart.
>>> We plan to get rid of the incorrect files ASAP, but in the  
>>> meantime,  ********PLEASE search for keyword VER_F0 =  
>>> "1.24test" (or 1.24*) WHEN DOING SCIENCE **********  and throw  
>>> out all other images whenever using level0 data, until we have  
>>> fixed this problem.
>>> thank you, Loraine
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