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Re: active region birth/death?

Dear Mark san,

Do you have any quantitative information about the diameter of the
gaussian core of PSF for the Al/Mesh filter and the other filters?
I'm analyzing the temperature above the south pole limb taken during
the eclipse on February 17, 2007. We used Al/Mesh and Ti/poly for the
eclipse observation.

Just on the limb, the temperature is high, but emission measure is low
(See the attached PNG file). This may be a spurious structure caused
by the diffuser image of Al/Mesh than the Ti/Poly image.

The attached plots shows the several profiles in the south pole as the 
function of the distance from the sun center (limb=1).
  - The upper pannel shows the intensities: Al/Mesh(red) and
  - The center pannel shows the temperature.
  - The lower pannel shows the emission measure.