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2017 October 31

Hinode XRT observes the Sun!
Click for movie. Also available on YouTube.

The First Microflare Observations with Hinode/XRT & NuSTAR

On the 29th April 2015 Hinode/XRT near-continuously observed a single active region, AR 12333. Crucially, while XRT observed multiple brightenings in five filters, the largest of these events was also observed with the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, NuSTAR, a hard X-ray (2.5-78 keV) focusing optics instrument that is rarely directed at the Sun.

The three panels show the A0.1 GOES-class microflare at the impulsive phase (~11:29 UT). These images, in order of increasing temperature, show clear loop heating to several million Kelvin with the isolated Fe XVIII component of SDO/AIA 94Å (left), Hinode/XRT Be- Thin (middle), and NuSTAR (2.5-4.5 keV, right).

These first joint observations provided an unprecedented coverage in temperature which is discussed in Wright et al 2017 ApJ 844 1322, and is the subject of this months UK Solar Physics (UKSP) Nugget.

Keywords: NuSTAR, AIA, Flare
Filters: Thin-Be, SDO/AIA 94

(Prepared by Paul Wright)

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