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2017 November 07

Hinode XRT Observes the Sun!
Click for movie. Also available on YouTube.

The Slinky Jet

Hinode XRT observed a unique event while tracking a small region of concentrated magnetic flux. This area was too small to be considered an active region and there were no other active regions on the disk at the time.

Around 11:50 UT, a stream of X-rays emanates from a compact bright point and flows along an arch. Within 10 minutes, the compact bright point is gone but the bright X-rays continue to illuminate the loop as they ricochet between the footpoints, eventually dimming and blending in with the surrounding corona. Hours later, smaller jets spring from the compact bright point.

You may notice in this movie that there is another bright area close to the Slinky Jet that grows in area. This is the emerging active region 12684 which became large enough the next day to earn it's name.

Keywords: Jet, AR Tracking
Filters: Thin-Be

(Prepared by Patricia Jibben)

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