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2022 June 23

Long living AR group

This region has been around for awhile now! Click to watch a movie of the region
or click here for the youtube version.

AR Group Still Active After 2 Rotations

Over a two week period in the middle of June 2022, a disk passage of a large group of active regions could be observed that is still active after 2 full solar rotations. Look at these images taken about 27 days (the period of one solar rotation) apart. The group of active regions 12993 and 12994 in the April image, the group AR13014, 13015 and 13017 in the May image, and the group AR13030, 13032 and 13033 in June image appear to be at the same location on the Sun's surface. This seems to be the result of emerging new sunspots in the nearby region one after another, rather than the result of each single sunspot having long life. But as a group, it amazingly maintains its activity for more than 2 rotations and contributed to the uplifted flare activities during the past 2 months.

The movie in the above shows the first flare from this returning AR group this month, the C4.1 flare from AR13030 observed on 10-June. After its 2nd rotation, this group is still producing significant flares including this one and a M1.2 flare from AR13030 on the same day and a M3.4 flare from AR13032 on 13-June. Unfortunately, XRT did not observe these M-class flares, because of the coordinated observation with the Parker Solar Probe, whose target was a far region from this AR group, and because of the CCD bakeout operation started on 12-June.

Keywords: AR Tracking, Solar Cycle
Filters: Al_Mesh, Al_Poly, Be_Thin

(Prepared by Aki Takeda and Rhiannon Fleming)

The XRT instrument team is comprised of SAO, NASA, JAXA, and NAOJ.

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