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This DVD was created with the work of Len Gittleman, who passed on April 5th, 2022. Len worked with the XRT team during the instrument build and early operations as a valuable contributor to the goals of Hinode. The team is saddened by this loss and hopes that this DVD can serve as a memorial to his work.

The XRT Education & Public Outreach DVD: Space Science Careers: Building Hinode XRT, A Space X-ray Telescope

We are no longer taking orders for the XRT DVD. Instead, the XRT team has made the DVD available on Youtube. Please see the link below to go to a Youtube Playlist that contains sections from the XRT DVD.

XRT DVD: Youtube Playlist

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About This Product
Space Science Careers: Building Hinode XRT, A Space X-Ray Telescope is a resource for high school guidance counselors and others who provide career awareness information to high school students. The goal of Space Science Careers is to introduce students particularly those who might be interested in technical careers to the diversity of career opportunities at NASA and in the space industry.

When students think about careers with NASA, they typically think of astronauts and engineers; they are much less aware of the large technical workforce that operates behind the scenes to make the space program possible. This product highlights the work of those people who manufacture, assemble, inspect, test, and transport scientific instruments before they are launched into space.

Space Science Careers embeds career awareness in video clips that document the construction of an X-ray telescope--- a project of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory that was launched into Earth orbit on the Hinode satellite on September 23, 2006. The resource provides students with a unique window into the workplace and an unscripted view of workers collaborating and solving problems as they attend to their specialties.

The Space Science Careers product consists of a set of two disks:

The Digital Video Disk is organized into the following sections:

The Worker Profiles Disk provides additional information about nine of the workers featured in the Careers section of the DVD. Individual profiles, in PDF format, can be printed and distributed to students who are interested in additional information about particular workers or some of the instruments, machinery, and systems they used during the construction of the X-ray telescope.

Visit for more information about the Hinode satellite, the X-ray telescope, Hinodes latest X-ray images of the Sun, and much more.