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SOLAR B XRT End to End Test


The values for Best Focus and Optimized Focus presented herein DO NOT include corrections for the deviation from spec for the finite source spacer.
The spacer was positioned on the mirror housing such that the mirror was shifted away from the CCD 13.498 mm, instead of the specified 13.690 mm. As such, a correction of +0.202 mm for the measured focus positions is required.

Listed below are the hyperlinks to the various days data, images and plots generated for both quicklook and data analysis results collected during the Solar B X-Ray Telescope End to End test conducted at the XRCF / Marshall Space Flight Center facility. All tests are complete, and post test analysis is underway.

20050606 shift A 20050606 shift B
20050607 shift A 20050607 shift B
20050608 shift A 20050608 shift B
20050609 shift A 20050609 shift B
20050610 shift A 20050610 shift B
20050611 shift A 20050611 shift B